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What's happening with Young Life in Chittenden County

We're really excited about our growing YL Committee and YL Leadership teams - The only way to grow a YL area is to have a committee who is growing and changing as the ministry and kid work changes and grows. Committee growth and the growth of the area is based on building relationships, and an invitation. 

In the same way leaders are inviting kids to step into a relationship with Christ, so too, are the adults involved with Young Life, inviting their family, friends, parishes, co-workers into a relationship with Young Life. The invitation could be through prayer, time, finances, or friendship (making meals)…but it is always an invitation to be a part of something bigger than themselves and to serve the Lord and community of Young Life in different ways. 

We are all here because we love Jesus, and we are here to love each other well, and we are here because we LOVE kids and want them to know about Christ. ​

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Su​mmer camp 2018

We had a fantastic Saranac Camp!

This summer, we took a group to Young Life Camp at Saranac Village July 8th-14th. Check out the photos above!! 
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Definition of YOung Life
Young Life by nature is a ministry predicated on building relationships, whether it be with kids, or adults. Leaders spend hours showing up, driving kids places, having meals together, with the intent of eventually building enough trust that we would get an opportunity to ask that kid if they would like to start a personal relationship with Christ. View Prayer Points
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